More updates

added 13-mar-07

It's now possible to play normal chess online within the development version, but not variants such as crazyhouse or atomic (yet). Screenshots updated. Package is now properly installable.

What's new?

added 5-mar-07

Added 4 new piece sets (See screenshots for an example). Currently working on the preferences notebook pages, with the Board/Piece settings tab now finished. Also adding the user settings persistence, using XML and the DOM.

Finally uploaded website

added 24-feb-07

Due to a lengthy problem with's shell hardware, it wasn't possible to upload the web pages on 12 February. Happily, that has now been resolved!

Created website

added 11-feb-07

The project finally has some webpages to view! I haven't checked how they render on IE yet...

Big code upload

added 11-feb-07

Yesterday, I decided it was time to put all the existing code onto Sourceforge, so the project could pick up pace.

The subversion repository contains the prototype python code (in branches/py-prototype), whilst the main trunk contains timesealplus, chesslib and the existing GUI code(which currently isn't wired to connect to

ngboard supports